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Disable Ribbons

Question / Problem

I really like TreeSize Free, but I'm no big fan of the new ribbon interface, as it's just too large. Can I switch back to the old toolbar view?

Answer / Solution

Yes, you can.

If it's just for the height of the ribbon menu, you may first try to minimize it. Just right-click on the menu and select 'Minimize the Ribbon'.
Using the right-click menu, you may also add commands to a quick access bar and create a toolbar specialized for your own needs.

To disable the ribbon interface completely you may use the command line parameter /UseRibbonUI false since v4.0.2:

  • Close TreeSize Free
  • Open the prompt to run a program (shortcut: Win + R)
  • Type in the path to TreeSizeFree.exe and the required parameter. This usually results in (including the quotation marks): "C:\Program Files (x86)\JAM Software\TreeSize Free\TreeSizeFree.exe" /UseRibbonUI false
  • With a click on 'Ok' you may now TreeSizeFree without the ribbon interface. This setting is persisted and will be used again at the next start of TreeSizeFree, so you would have to run this command only once.

As an alternative (which works for older versions too), you may change the setting in the GlobalOptions file:

  • Close TreeSize Free
  • Locate the file "GlobalOptions.xml" and open it with a texteditor at your choice (like notepad.exe).
    • When you used the default installer to deploy TreeSize Free, the GlobalOptions.xml should be located at %appdata%\JAM Software\TreeSize Free
    • For the portable version, the options file will reside in the same folder as the executable
  • Search for the text "<UseRibbonUI>True</UseRibbonUI>" and replace it with "<UseRibbonUI>False</UseRibbonUI>"
  • Save the file and close the editor. TreeSize Free will now start without the ribbon interface

To activate the ribbon interface again, please follow the same steps, but replace False with True (e.g. /UseRibbonUI true)