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You can edit the intervals of the file ages in the Options of TreeSize. Filtering by a certain interval is not possible with TreeSize. But this is be possible with our products SpaceObServer.

Yes, this pop up can be turned off under "Options > Directory Tree -> Show tooltips in Directory Tree".

You can increase the number of files that are included in this statistic under "Options > Top Files > Show the top X files".

You can also use the seach type "Biggest Files" of the TreeSize File Search. The results can be exported in different ways as well.

Please reduce the maximum number of threads and their priority at "Tools > Options > General > Search Engine".

You can select all files via the usual keyboard shortcut Ctrl-A, or via "Home > Select all" in the ribbon menu. Changing the file owner for all selected files can be done by clicking "Change file owner" in the right click menu of the result list.