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/SEARCH opens the TreeSize File Search. If you add the ":start" option to this call, the search will be executed immediately. TreeSize, by default, uses the same settings as it did in the last file search. You may also supply a config file with search options. For further information, please refer to this chapter of the TreeSize manual.

You can switch this feature on or off in the options dialog under "System > Context Menu".

By default TreeSize uses the columns for the export that are visible on the "Details" page.

You may configure the columns and other export settings in detail in the options dialog of TreeSize under the corresponding Export type. You can then enable/disable the columns in the "Visible columns" list of this options page.

You can find a comparison of the TreeSize editions and SpaceObServer at: TreeSize vs. SpaceObServer

You can decrease he maximum number of threads in the "Scan" Options of Treesize, this will reduce the impact on the server.