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We are sorry, but our products can be run on Windows systems only. We do not yet provide a Macintosh version.

You can adjust the intervals used for the "age of files" statistics under: Tools > Options > Age of Files

By right-clicking on a bar you can show a list of all files that belong to this interval.

The custom search of the TreeSize File Search, which can be opened through the Windows Start or the TreeSize Tools menu, is also very suitable to get a list of files accessed or not accessed in a certain time range.

Our software products are designed to be installed over an existing version. There should be no more than one major version between the old and the new version.  

Yes. Open the TreeSize Professional File search using the Windows Start menu or the TreeSize Tools menu, activate only the duplicate file search, add the network paths in the "Scan paths" panel and start the scan.

You may use the command line option /SHEETNAME to specify a name for the new sheet.

Caracters like : \ and / are not allowed in Excel sheet names and the sheet names have to be unique. Treesize will take care of this.