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I keep getting this error and emails won't go out: SmartSerialmail SMTP-Server Error: Connection Closed Gracefully. How do I troubleshoot?

Some SMTP servers limit the number of messages sent per time interval. Please use the option "Processing with a time delay" in the "Sending Options" of step "1.Sender" and reduce the number of mail messages sent per time interval. The optimal settings for this options can only determined by experience and will differ for every provider.The second reason for this error may be an installed antivirus or application firewall which cuts the connection.Turn off any antivirus or firewall to see if this may be the problem.

The SMTP server I'm using (lyris mail engine) sends bounced email back a little different than most email packages. Is there a way to customize what constitutes a bounce and how it is formatted?

This depends on the bounced mail. If you sendus such a bounced mail intact as attachment we can have a closer look.

How do I import an HTML file so it will appear as the body of the email message? I tried attaching the file saved as an .html extension. But when I sent out the email, it appeared as an attachment, not in the body of the email message.

In the toolbar of"Content" you can find a button named "Open" which can open/import HTML-files to use them as boy of the mail.

Sending out 6,000 emails using scheduled processing at quantity 35 every 2 minutes. After around 500 or so messages sent, we get an SMTP Server Error #10053. What is this and how do we resolve it?

Error#10053 means "A connection abort was caused internal to your host machine. The software caused a connection abort because there is no space on the socket 's queue and the socket cannot receive further connections." The SMTP server closed the connection.Some providers have a limit for sending mails within a certain time span. Some onlypermit 50 mails per hour,others onlypermit 500 mails within 24 hours/a day.
Please make sure that your provider does not have such a limit. It looks like there is a limit of 500 mails per day. Also check if you have an anti-virus software a firewall/internet security installed which may have a similar limit.

I receive an error message, after a certain number of messages are send. (e.g. "connection closed gracefully")

Some SMTP servers limit the number of messages sent per time interval. Please use the option "Processing with a time delay" in the "Sending Options" of "Profile" and reduce the number of emailssent per time interval. The optimal settings for this options can only bedetermined by experience and will differ for every provider.

I use AOL as service provider, but I receive the error message 'AOL has identified this mail to be unsolicited bulk email ' most the time.

AOL scans all mail sent via port 25. Use port 587 (message submission port) instead, to avoid this problem. Open the "SMTP server options" dialog in step "Profile" and set the port of your SMTP server to 587.

I’ve imported from a Excel sheet a list which shall distinguish between three salutation possibilities: male, female and undetermined. I want the software to generate the following salutations: Dear Mr John Doe (for male) Dear Mrs Jane Doe (or female) Dear art lover (in any other case) Is this possible ?

There is no possibility for performing this kind of rule application in SmartSerialMail yet. But there is another way to achieve the desired result:

  • Open the Excel spreadsheet in Excel
  • Chooseunder menu "Edit" the "Replace" function, and replace ‘male’with ‘Dear Mr. John Doe’, etc
  • Store yourlist under a different name (if you want to keep the original list
  • Start SmartSerialMail
  • Right-clickon the list of recipients and choose "Add a new column
  • Name this column, e.g. "Salutation
  • Import your new list
  • Insert the tags %Salutatuion% %First_name% %Last_name% in the proper spaces of your mail

Can I send EML files with SmartSerialMail ?

There is no problem sendingEML files with SmartSerialMail.Simply click in step "Content" on the "Open" button rightmost of the toolbar and choose the desired file for import into the editor.

I want to define more than the three default placeholders "Mail", "First name" and "Family name". Is this possible ?

Yes, it is possible. Just right-click on the list of recipients and choose "Add new column" from the context menu. Now, you can use your newly added placeholder in"Content", whenever you click on "Insert field". Even more comfortable and more flexible is the use of templates. Please refer to the online help for more details.

I want to add an attachment to my newsletters. Is this possible ?

Of course, it is possible. Just click in step "Content" in the "Attachment" area on "Add file…" and choose the file(s) to attach.

How long does it take (on average) to send 10.000 messages ?

How long transmission will take depends on several factors, amongst others :

  • The speed and load of your PC
  • The speed and load of your internet connection (esp. the upstream rate of your connection
  • The speed and load of the accepting email server (as well as potentiallimitations set by your service provider, e.g. 10 messages per connection)
  • The total size of the message, including all images and attachments
  • Firewalls, anti-virus scanner and other proxies reading/filtering the data transfer.

Step "Preview" in the program will give you a rough estimation, how long your transmission will take, assuming an optimal internet connection.

I have no problems sending mail to small groups, but I get error messages, if I try to send mail to larger groups (e.g. 250 recipients). "SMTP Server error: Socket Error #100xx / #110xx. Connection reset by peer. ---" I know from former mailings, that the mail addresses are all valid.What does it mean?

Although this errormessage could appear under many conditions, most of the time -in the described scenario- it simply means, that your provider limits the amount of emails you can send via this server in a certain period of time. E.g. you may send only 20mails every 20 minutes. Please ask your provider about the details of these limitations.