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I want to know how often my e-mail was read.

SmartSerialMail will help you create newsletters you can analyze with tracking solutions like Piwik or Google Analytics. You will find more information in the manual in the chapter "Advanced" -> "Tracking with SmartSerialMail".

I want to add a subscription page to my website.

Please have a look at the chapter "Advanced" -> "SmartSerialMail Opt-In Form" in the manual for a detailed description.
You will find a template for such a form in SmartSerialMail's installation directory.

Does SmartSerialMail work with an Exchange Server?

Yes, SmartSerialMail works with any SMTP server. This includes your Exchange Server.

It is also possible to connect SmartSerialMail to your Exchange Server using Exchange Web Services (EWS).

I received a test email from SmartSerialMail.  I did not sign up for it nor  have I downloaded it.  I am concerned someone may have hacked my email account  to set this up.  Please help.  The test email was sent yesterday morning around  6 am.  I cannot respond to it as it only comes back to me.  I am worried  someone is using my email address.  It was not me.  I did not sign up for this!

This email does not imply that someone hacked your email account.
I can assure you that this email was not sent from our company.
Probably someone who bought SmartSerialMail or tested our trial version entered  your email address by accident. If his email server is not configured  correctly, he can write anyone's email address into the "from" field of the  email. But that does not mean that he has access to your email account.

What you see in the "from" field of an email or what is used as reply address  must not necessarily identify the person who really sent the email. This  applies to all emails and does not depend on SmartSerialMail.

How do I improve the spam scoring of my email content?

Most email servers use so-called spam filters. These filters evaluate an incoming email and decide whether the message is a desired email or so-called spam.

SmartSerialMail generates a spam report by means of the software SpamAssassin. Please note that this spam report may differ from the actual spam scoring of the sent email.

The spam report can help you identify and solve potential spam issues before you will send your email.

Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to design an email that does not match any spam criteria. Since this depends on many factors (content, language, used images, sender’s email address etc.) there is a variety of spam rules for evaluating an email.

For this reason, we regret that we cannot provide any assistance for the individual spam rules that your spam report may include.

Not all bounced emails are collected from the server. How can I collect all bounced emails?

Detecting bounces is not trivial.
There are several types of bounces:
- bounces caused by temporary errors
- bounces caused by permanent errors
- bounces formatted as RFC compliant report
- bounces not formatted RFC compliant, only "usual" e-mail messages with some error text

SmartSerialMail Enterprise collects all bounces with permanent errors and ignores temporary errors.
It decides this by regarding the SMTP error code inside oft he bounce message.
This works well for all RFC compliant bounces, but no for all non RFC compliant messages. Some of the non RFC compliant bounces are covered by the SmartSerialMail detection (those from well known MTAs).

I have just downloaded the software when I try and open it on my computer a window pops up and asks me to buy or close the application. I would like to try the program before buying but I am unable to open the program.

If you just download the DEMO version and directly get this popup window (trial period expired) this means you or a different user had the product installed before on this machine and the trial period has expired. If you are sure the product was not installed before please contact the support team through our contact form.

I keep getting this error and emails won't go out: SmartSerialmail SMTP-Server Error: Connection Closed Gracefully. How do I troubleshoot?

Some SMTP servers limit the number of messages sent per time interval. Please use the option "Processing with a time delay" in the "Sending Options" of step "1.Sender" and reduce the number of mail messages sent per time interval. The optimal settings for this options can only determined by experience and will differ for every provider.The second reason for this error may be an installed antivirus or application firewall which cuts the connection.Turn off any antivirus or firewall to see if this may be the problem.

How can I create HTML messages ? Especially messages with embedded images ?

Either you use the button "Open" in the toolbar of step "3.Content", which can open/import already made HTML-files to use them as body of the mail, or you use the integrated HTML editor, write your mail comfortablyas you wish and click on the button "Insert picture" for importing any picture you like.

Does SmartSerialMail also run on Apple Macs, specifically from Apple Mail as the foundation email software?

In general our company does develop software for windowssystems only, so to SmartSerialMail.The only thing you may try is to installSmartSerialMail in an windows emulating software on your Mac.

I have purchased your product and have used it successfully many times. I just moved to Lotus Notes and was wondering if Notes Domino Server is supported. If so where can I find some guidance to configure the application.

SmartSerialMail is independent from any specific server as long as it provides SMTP. SmartSerialMail uses the SMTP protocol to send its mail so it works with any server including e.g. Notes Domino Server or Exchange Server.

I have been using SmartMail for a couple months now. Is there a checker to show if my email is seen as spam?

No, this is not possible.Whether a mail is declared as spam or not can't be determined before sending. Spamfilters examine several properties of a mail to decide if it is spam or not. And at the end it is the configuration of the spam filter which is deciding. But there are some points you may regard, click here for further reference.

There are certain things you should keep in mind to minimize the risk of being accused of spamming:

  1. Only send to recipients who have stated that they want to receive mail from you.
  2. Make sure, you are not blacklisted as SPAM source.
  3. Avoid content, that is typical for SPAM – e.g. Images only, texts with keywords like Viagra, upper case subject lines, etc
  4. Keep your lists clean – i.e. remove bounced mail addresses and unsubscriptions
  5. Keep the mail simple and avoid to complex html, flash or scripts in your mail.