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SmartSerialMail will help you create newsletters you can analyze with tracking solutions like Piwik or Google Analytics. You will find more information in the manual in the chapter "Advanced" -> "Tracking with SmartSerialMail".

Please have a look at the chapter "Advanced" -> "SmartSerialMail Opt-In Form" in the manual for a detailed description.
You will find a template for such a form in SmartSerialMail's installation directory.

Yes, SmartSerialMail works with any SMTP server. This includes your Exchange Server.

It is also possible to connect SmartSerialMail to your Exchange Server using Exchange Web Services (EWS).

This email does not imply that someone hacked your email account.
I can assure you that this email was not sent from our company.
Probably someone who bought SmartSerialMail or tested our trial version entered  your email address by accident. If his email server is not configured  correctly, he can write anyone's email address into the "from" field of the  email. But that does not mean that he has access to your email account.

What you see in the "from" field of an email or what is used as reply address  must not necessarily identify the person who really sent the email. This  applies to all emails and does not depend on SmartSerialMail.

Most email servers use so-called spam filters. These filters evaluate an incoming email and decide whether the message is a desired email or so-called spam.

SmartSerialMail generates a spam report by means of the software SpamAssassin. Please note that this spam report may differ from the actual spam scoring of the sent email.

The spam report can help you identify and solve potential spam issues before you will send your email.

Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to design an email that does not match any spam criteria. Since this depends on many factors (content, language, used images, sender’s email address etc.) there is a variety of spam rules for evaluating an email.

For this reason, we regret that we cannot provide any assistance for the individual spam rules that your spam report may include.