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A connection was forcibly closed by a peer. This normally results from a loss of the connection on the remote socket due to a timeout or a reboot.

A connection abort was caused by the server or some software in between (e.g. firewall, proxy). Turn off any proxy (check if your antivirus software installed a proxy) and firewall for testing.

This error results of invalid DNS settings. To solve it add the local server's IP to our hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts): server server.domain.local
Then restart "Microsoft Frontend Transport" and "Microsoft Exchange Transport" services.

This error may occur if you only have 1 domain controller and put a router as secondary DNS server on all configurations.
Simply remove the secondary DNS which does not point to the internal DNS/Domain Controller.
Forwarding typically would be handled by the DNS servers in your environment, so a secondary public DNS would not be configured in a typical production environment.

If this does not correct the error, try to create a reverse lookup zone on the DNS server.