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As you can read in the Knowledgebase of SmartPOP2Exchange this is not possible.
You need to install the new version over your existing. Your settings will be kept.

There is no special order required.
Simply export your data (account name, SMTP address[recipient], pop3/imap server, pop3/imapusername, pop3/imap password, imap mailbox) and start the import wizard of SmartPOP2Exchange.
The wizard will open your file and then you can assign the columns to the appropriate value.

The service of SmartPOP2Exchange (SmartPOP2SMTP.exe) needs about 20-50MB memory depending on how much messages are processed and how big they are. But if you use the integrated ClamAV it needs about 120 MB minimum additionally. So theservice of SmartPOP2Exchange may take up to 200-300 MB memory.
You may run SmartPOP2Exchange on a different machine.

A connection abort was caused by the server or some software in between (e.g. firewall, proxy). Try turning off any proxy (check if your antivirus software has a proxy) and firewall for testing anf finding the interfering proxy.

Yes, SmartPOP2Exchange logs the message ID of successful delivered mails. So if you like mails to be delivered again you need to use the button "Reset history of successful delivered mails". But take care: all mails will be downloaded again depending on the setting "Download messages marked as 'read '".