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If phone numbers are identified with a wrong prefix, this is caused by wrong TAPI settings in SmartCallMonitor. Please make sure that prefix settings in "Tools->Settings->Telephony->TAPI" are correct.

If you need to dial a 0 for external calls, SmartCallMonitor must remove it from outgoing and incoming calls before contact lookup. Therefore th settings  "Remove prefix from incoming calls" and "Remove prefix from outgoing calls" must be set to 0.

The problem may be solved by restarting "SmartCallMonitorService".

- Open Windows "Services" panel  (e.g. by entering "Services" in Windows start menu)

- Navigate to the service "SmartCallMonitorService".

- Right-click the service entry, select "Restart" in the context menu.

We do not work with activation codes because you can find them very easily on the internet. Typically software manufacturers protect against this problem using online activation, but this would make customer dependent on the availability of our activation servers and an internet connection.
We are working with separate trial and full versions instead, where the full version is not freely available for download and must be installed over the trial version. After purchasing our software, customers get an account for our customer area where they can download the full version for at least 12 months. Our customers will also receive a personalized license key, with which they can install the full version. Login data and key should be stored in a safe place. Installing the full version over the trial version will preserve your existing data and settings.

Most trial/demo versions of our products support the activation with a valid license key and then unlock all the features of the full version.

Alternatively, you can always install the full version over the existing trial version, your settings from the trial version will be taken over unchanged.

Log in to the Customer Area, using your login name and password. You can then click on the avatar on the top right to log in.

Please follow the link Downloads in the same menu.
There you can download your software immediately after finishing your order and also find the license key.

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