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You cannot write context menu handlers that will work with Windows Explorer using ShellBrowser.

However you can customize the context menu that will be displayed in the ShellBrowser controls, e.g. the TJamShellList:

  • Add a TPopupMenu and implement the actions to be taken
  • Select your custom PopupMenu in the "PopupMenu" property of the TJamShellList
  • Set the "ShowContextMenuOnTop" property to show your custom entries above or below the normal shell context menu's entries.

As ShellBrowser makes use of the preview handlers in the system via a  limited official interface, the previews are unfortunately "as is".

If you are requesting additional features, you mostly have to find a different preview. Especially for pdf several programs providing preview handlers are available.

It seems, that depending on the Windows version, the system's preview handler is not automatically registered.

You can do so manually in the registry, or implement the "OnLoadPreview" event to assign the Preview Handler GUID, e.g. :

if (UpperCase(ExtractFileExt(eventArgs.Path)) = '.EML') then begin
eventArgs.PreviewHandlerGuid := TShellPreviewHandlerGuids.Mime;

All of our products are being developed in Delphi or C#. Although we use Log4Net with some of the components, they are safe to use, because the reported vulnerability applies to Log4J only.

None of our applications depend on Log4J or any other Java library and are thus not affected by this vulnerability.

This applies to all versions and editions of our applications (TreeSize, SpaceObServer, SpaceObServer WebAccess, HeavyLoad, SmartPOP2Exchange, Exchange Server Toolbox, SpamAssassin in a Box, SpamAssassin for Windows, SmartCallMonitor, SEPA-Transfer, ServerSentinel, and ShellBrowser). It is recommended to always use the latest available versions though to benefit from the latest patches, improvements, and features.

We provide various sample projects that demonstrate different aspects of usage.

You can download the samples as pre-compiled version under the following links:

ShellBrowser Delphi


ShellBrowser WPF

You can find the source code of the examples in the "Samples" or "Examples" subfolder of the ShellBrowser installation directory.

For ShellBrowser.NET and ShellBrowser.WPF sample code is also available at GitHub: