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Using VCL themes with ExplorerBrowser

Question / Problem

When using a VCL theme not all parts of ExplorerBrowser are affected. Is there a workaround?

Answer / Solution

Starting with ShellBrowser v11.4, and if you are using Delphi 10 Seattle or higher, you can use VCL Styles Utils and DDetours to fix the problems.

Take a look at the "FileDialogFrame" sample application that is shipped with ShellBrowser.

Specifically you have to:

  • Add the following directories to the search path of your project
  •   <samples>\3rdParty\vcl-styles-utils\Common and
  • Add   "Vcl.Styles.Utils.ComCtrls" and "Vcl.Styles.UxTheme" to the "uses" section of your project.

If you are already using VCL Styles Utils, please make sure to use the Jam Software fork and activate the following line in the "VCL.Styles.Utils.inc" file that you can find in the VCL Styles Utils source code directory:

"{$DEFINE HOOK_ExplorerStatusBar}"