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Callstack for Exception

Question / Problem

How do I get the callstack of an exception to send to ShellBrowser support?

Answer / Solution

Please make a screenshot of the call stack (RAD Studio > View > Debug Window > Call Stack) when the exception is reported in the IDE, and email this screenshot to us.

If the call stack window is empty, please ensure that these options are set at
"Project > Options > Delphi Compiler > Compiling":

· Code Generation > Stack Frames: True
· Debugging > Debug information: True
· Debugging > Use debug DCUs: True

A good way to receive exception and crash reports is using an error tracing tool like EurekaLog or MadExcept - they catch run-time errors and crashes and display a call stack and other information, which the customer can send back to you.

To turn off dialogs for handled exceptions in the IDE, uncheck
Tools > Options > Debugger Options > Embarcadero Debuggers > Language Exceptions > Notify on language Exceptions

In case the exception occurs in a dll, you can open the library in RAD Studio, and set the "host application" the in Run > Parameters dialog. This allows you to debug the library and receive exceptions.