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Add to whitelist

Question / Problem

How can I add custom whitelist entries?

Answer / Solution

In general adding whitelist entries in SpamAssassin can be done by creating a custom SpamAssassin cf

For whitelisting a single address you may use one of the following syntax


whitelist_from user@domain.tld


whitelist_from *@domain.tld

to whitelist all senders from a single domain.


We recommend to create a new cf-file at  C:\ProgramData\JAM Software\spamdService\sa-config

and name it e.g. xWhitelist.cf. That way your custom whitelist will be parsed quite late during startup, thus preventing that any of your settings gets overridden by another config file. Please note that you

have to manually restart SpamAssassin Daemon control service to apply your changes.


You'll find a lot of information on the official docs or SpamAssassin Wiki.