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Question / Problem

I tried to connect SpaceObServer to a remote MS SQL Server database, but it seems to be unreachable. What can I do?

Answer / Solution

Please check the following settings of your MS SQL Server to ensure that remote connections are allowed:

1. Open the "SQL Server Configuration Manager" ("Programs > Microsoft SQL Server > Configuration Tools"), select "SQL Server Network Configuration" and ensure that the protocol "TCP/IP" is activated.
2. Check your Windows Firewall to ensure that the port used by the SQL Server for TCP/IP is not blocked.
3. Open the "SQL Server Configuration Manager", select "SQL Server Services" and ensure that the "SQL Server Browser" is started and the "start mode" is set to "Automatic".
4. Open the "SQL Server Management Studio" ("Programs > Microsoft SQL Server"), connect to your SQL Server, select "Properties" in the context menu of your SQL Server instance, select the page "Connections" and ensure on that the option "Allow remote connections to this server" is activated.
5. Restart your SQL Server in case you had to change any of its configurations (Step 1. or 4.).