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Where can I get an MS SQL Server?

Answer / Solution

If you want to use the SQL server database for data storage, your computer has to be connected to a server, where a SQL Server database is running, or a SQL server database is running on your local machine. Also, you need a valid account (username and password) for the database access. Please note that we offer SpaceObServer in combination with "Microsoft SQL Server Standard, incl. 1 CAL, Runtime License" for a very reasonable price. There are several free Express Editions of popular SQL servers that are supported by SpaceObServer (MS SQL Server Express, Oracle XE,...). You can download a Microsoft SQL Server Express for free, from within the "Database" tab of the Options dialog. Anyway, these Express Editions are limited in some values (max. database size, number of CPUs/cores, used RAM) so we recomend using a "real" MS SQL server at least the Standard Edition.