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Question / Problem

How can I switch the login of the SpaceObServer scan service to a specified user account?

Answer / Solution

Please execute the following steps:
1. Open the Windows system dialog "Services" ("Control Panel > (Performance and Maintenance) > Administrative Tools > Services").
2. In the list of the services (local) look for "SpaceobServer Agent" and stop this service.
3. Select "Properties" in the context menu of "SpaceobServer Agent".
4. Switch to the tab "Log On" and change from the "Local System account" to "This account".
5. Insert the necessary login information (username, password) for a user account with sufficient network access rights.
6. Start the service "SpaceobServer Agent" again.
Note: If you use a MS SQL Server and the integrated Windows security, the user you used for the service login have to have read and write access to the database!