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Question / Problem

What is the difference between the SpaceObServer license and the SpaceObServer Remote Client license?

Answer / Solution

You always need a SpaceObServer (Enterprise or Standard) license as base. This license includes the SpaceObServer user interface for reporting and the SpaceObServer scan service which executes the scans and archives the file system information into a database.

The SpaceObServer Remote Client only includes the SpaceObServer user interface only, without the scan service. You can install SpaceObServer Remote Client on additional machines in your network to generate reports for scanned directory trees, by accessing the data stored in the backend database. You can also use the SpaceObServer Remote Client for remote administration of scans.

Each instance/installation of SpaceObServer Remote Client need to be covered by one SpaceObServer Remote Client license.

Please find more detailed information how to use SpaceObServer in your environment here.