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Question / Problem

How can I adjust the threshold/score at which mails are being tagged as spam?

Answer / Solution

If you use SpamAssassin in conjunction with "Exchange Server Toolbox" or "SmartPOP2Exchange", the Configured Score in "Exchange Server Toolbox" or "SmartPOP2Exchange" Rule-Condition usually determines how a scanned email should be handled.

If you use "SpamAssassin in a Box" alone, proceed as follows:
The threshold can be configured in the configuration "C:\ProgramData\JAM Software\spamdService\sa-config". Please open the text file with an appropriate text editor and search for the following line:
# required_score 5.0
Remove the comment sign (#) in front of the line and adjust the score to the desired value. Please note that any changes in the configuration files in the configuration directory will require a restart of the SpamAssassin daemon in order to take effect.