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Slow network scans

Question / Problem

Scanning a server disk via network is very slow. Is it possible to speed up this process?

Answer / Solution

Scanning a drive via network is normally much slower than scanning a local disk because speed of the network is much lower, latency and overhead are higher compared to a local hard disk. Additionally, server drives are usually much bigger and contain more files than local hard disks.

So if possible try running TreeSize directly on the server. Alternatively you may try to turn off the users statistics at "Tools > Options > Scan > General > Statisitics" to speed up the scan.

You can also use scheduled Scans to perform your scans overnight. Network drives and command line options are supported by the Professional Edition only. 

For continuous analyzing of disk usage on large servers we recommend our product SpaceObServer. It collects the data using a background agent and stores it in a SQL database. It uses less RAM than TreeSize, and it offers more flexible reporting capabilities like historical development because it is built on a database. More information is available at: https://www.jam-software.com/spaceobserver/