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Question / Problem

Will SpaceObserver take advantage of multiple CPUs if available (both the client and the agent)?I 've installed it on a multi-core Windows 2008 64-bit server, and I am seeing the client is only utilizing 100% of one of the CPUs, and not any of the others that are available.

Answer / Solution

Both, the user interfaceand the scan service of SpaceObServer, are designed multithreaded. That meansthat they "could" take advantage of a multi core environment.I say "could"because for the scans of the service and the reports of the user interface the bottleneckis always/mostly the database. Means that most the time the SpaceObServerprocesses/threads are waiting for results of the database. That 's why you will mostlikely not see that any of the SpaceObServer processes holds over 50% on a dualcore machine. Anyway, using a multi coremachine with SpaceObServer makes sense, because you are running both, theservice and the user interface at the same time. In case you are using a localdatabase, the multi core system is very useful.