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Maximum disk size, files and folders

Question / Problem

Does TreeSize have a limit on the size of disk being scanned? How big can my exports be?

Answer / Solution

Since TreeSize holds file information of scanned directory structures in your system's RAM, the theoretical maxiumum disk size that can be scanned or searched by TreeSize is only limited by your systems memory. The same is true for exporting.

You can reduce the memory consumption of TreeSize by turning off the statistics for users, file types of age of files at "Tools > Options > Scan".


We offer another disk space manager called SpaceObServer which is designed for large servers and continuous reporting on enterprise level. It regularly collects the file system information using a background service and stores it in a SQL database, including size development and (optionally) all permissions. The reporting is faster and more flexible compared to TreeSize, because it is built on a database and collects data on file level. SpaceObServer "post scan actions" allow you to automatize cleanup and archiving tasks. If you are interested, please visit: https://www.jam-software.com/spaceobserver/
For an article on our blog discussing the topic, pleaser follow this link.

The user interface is similar to TreeSize. A client software as well as a web client are also available. This web client can be useful if you would like to make the collected data available to many end users without the need to install software on their machines.