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Question / Problem

If a mailbox is set to read every 60 seconds and it takes 180 seconds to complete a read, does it just wait another 60 seconds after it completes or will it start reading that mail box every 60 seconds resulting in 2 or 3 copies of the same mail because it is running 3 identical jobs at the same time, each one taking longer than 60 seconds to complete ?

Answer / Solution

When SmartPOP2Exchange needs more time than the interval allows that account will be directly process next turn again.
Youalso enter the max. messages to be downloaded from one account duringone turn. If three are more messages on to be downloaded as this max.value SmartPOP2Exchange will half the interval of this account for the next turn.
The download of mails SmartPOP2Exchange does is not parallel. So there will be not duplicate downloading of mails.
There are 3 accounts:
- Max messages: 10
1. account1 with interval 180 seconds
2. acoount2 with interval 60 seconds
3. account3 with interval 270 seconds

Account1: 5 mails
--time needed 10 seconds
Account2: 10 mails
--time needed 20 seconds
Account3: no mails
--time needed 2 seconds
#next turn
Wait 38 seconds
Account1: not in schedule (127 left)
Account2: 15 Mails --> process 10 --> set interval to 30
--time needed 20 seconds
Account3: not in schedule (197 left)
#next turn
Wait 10 seconds
Account1: not in schedule ( 97 left)
Account2: 6 mails
--time needed 15 seconds
Account3: not in schedule (172 left)
#Next turn