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I was wondering if it was possible to have the "Check for Update" button disabled or removed from the Help menu.

Answer / Solution

The "Check for Update" button in the "Help" menu can be hidden in two ways:

Running TreeSize with special command line options

If you execute this command line after the installation, the "Check for Update" button will be no longer available:

TreeSize.exe /NOGUI /ShowCheckForUpdate False /SAVESETTINGS

Please add the full path to TreeSize.exe, e.g.
"%ProgramFiles%\Jam Software\TreeSize Professional\TreeSize.exe"

Please note: Use the following command line call to deactivate the automatic check for update:

TreeSize.exe /NOGUI /CheckForUpdateOptions\CheckForUpdatesAutomatically False /SAVESETTINGS

Deploying a configuration file

First you need to edit the XML-based configuration file of TreeSize. The configuration file is located at the following path by default:

%APPDATA%\JAM Software\TreeSize Professional

(Please note that %APPDATA% is an environment variable that will be resolved automatically by Windows if it is entered in the address bar of the Windows Explorer.) 

Before proceeding, please ensure TreeSize is closed.

In the folder above, you will find a file called "GlobalOptions.XML" Please open the file with a suitable text editor (Notepad, Notepad++,...) and search for the following line: <ShowCheckForUpdate>True</ShowCheckForUpdate>

Please set the value "True" to "False". If you start TreeSize again, you will notice that the "Check for Update" button is no longer available.

Please note: In order to deactivate the automatic check for update in the configuration file change the following value from "True" to "False"